The REAL reason I made Petite Millie.

We all love a timesaver! Things to make our lives a little less complicated, items for making those long annoying tasks simpliar, and yes to help tackle all those things is how I have come to love this little lifesaving pouch but thats not the true reason I made her.


My Sister Rea was the my total inspiration,

(Surprise Rea, she doesnt actually know this story). 


After my nephew was born, I quickly noticed all the extra stuff my sister had to carry around with her, and the HUGE baby bag it all went in, and by HUGE bag i really mean HU-Mongous. Any one who has children will know, it's no easy task getting used to and this new little bundle of joy takes over your world.

My sister did an amazing job and I'm in complete awe of her. Everyday Daniel had everything he needed but in tale she forgot about the things she might need herself.


Within this huge baby bag she kept her things as well, everything was kept in one place, keys, phone, purse and on more then one occassion one of these things would get lost in the bottom of this bag. It almost seems like it had be swallowed up never to be found again.

Nine out of ten times the whole contents of the bag was thrown on the floor until this missing culprit was found.


Im sure you can see where I'm going with this, and you would be 100% right!


Millie was made orignally for new Mummas, to put their keys and money in, not forgetting lip stick, can not forget the lipstick. Over the last few years I've found a lot more uses for Millie. I don't have any children myself yet, but Millie is forever saving my butt when i need a hairband or when im running late for a meeting and need the lippy topped up.

Although she was made for the new mummy finding her feet, this little pouch can be used for so much more. The possiblites really are endless.


They currently come in 4 colours,

Black - Mink - Metallic Blue - Teal


But this year we will be rolling out 3 brand new colours keep your eyes peeled for the new

Saffiano Blue - Metallic Grey - Saffiano Berry