Big Ideas!

Over the past year I've really stepped up my game when it comes to DS, I've always seen my brand as a business but in reality as harsh as it seemed to admit at the time, all I had was a hobby that I really love!

March 2016 something just clicked. That long awaited A-ah moment happened, and since then I feel like a totally different person.

I've always been the "typical" creative type, finding idea after idea swirling round my mind wanting to do everything all at once and share it with the world.

But the reality is after many months of trying I had to come to terms with the fact that it just doesn't work like that (much to my dissapointment).

The months following I burried my head in podcasts, youtube channels and books. To my surprise and the surprise of the Mr, I loved it. I felt like I had finally found after searching for so long my missing piece.

Now that I was on the same wave lenght as my peers I found it so much easier to find the infomation I was craving the most for my growing brand.


This is where i came across Big Ideas... For Small Businesses​ by author John Lamerton.

Plymouth-born John, a serial entrepreneur, investor and former Civil Servant, has made his fortune through creating more than 60 online businesses since 2000, leading to an enviable lifestyle business with a £750,000 turnover.

The book, BIG Ideas for Small Businesses, is John’s way of sharing the highs and lows of his experiences so far. It is particularly relevant to all those parents that have been struggling to find a balance between spending time with the kids, family and working hard!

This is because, despite his success he describes himself as a ‘lazy entrepreneur and investor’. He now earns more money working 20 to 25 hours a week than he used to ‘pulling all nighters’ and completing 100+ hours per week.

The minute I pick up this book to the moment I put it down I was gripped. It's not your typical "business book", it's an easy read and yet touches on some really interesting, important topics. 

By far my favorite chaper was Telling Fear to F*** Off ..., something I have been trying to achieve for as long as I can remember, always putting somthing off (...mainlynewsletters!) from fear of getting that dreading unsubcribe.

Being a solopreneur, like many others i take those little things to heart, i start to wonder,and pull a part my work, when actually I'm coming to learn it's all apart for the game and growth of running a brand.

What I enjoyed most about reading John's book, although it is based around growing a small business you dont actually need to own/run a business immediately to be able to relate to it. Many of my take aways have been on a personal level enabling me to grow both myself and the business.

John also has a facebook group full of inspiring like minded indivials, I've been apart of the group for a month or so now and it's such a welcoming, friendly community. One I'm looking forward to getting involved more in the future.




*This book has been gifted to me for a review. All thoughts and views are my own.