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Affiliate Partnership Collabortion

We are so glad you have decided to join our affiliate partnership.


On this page you find the terms and conditions of the Partnership.

As always with DS London, these are to protect you as well as us, so both parties know what is required.


Please read them carefully.

DS London reserves the right to amend and update these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. Amended terms and conditions will be posted on our website and our approved affiliates will be informed of an update via email to their approved email address.



This Agreement shall come into force upon your acceptance as an Affiliate and shall remain in effect until terminated. The Affiliate is entitled to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect at any time by sending an email to our approved email account at DS London. The Affiliate must cease to use the service immediately upon the termination of this Agreement and delete all links to Linked Websites and, for the avoidance of doubt; the Affiliate shall not be entitled to receive any Commission on any Referrals made after the termination stated in the email date and time stamp. DS London is entitled to terminate this Agreement at any time, giving reasonable notice where possible. The Affiliate shall acquire no rights following the termination of this Agreement to use Intellectual Property Rights of DS London including domain names or any text, or images, banners or any other works created by or for DS London.




2.1 Payment Models  

DS London will make payments to all affiliates under one model    a) Standard Model  DS London undertakes to make payments to affiliates 30 calendar days after the end of the month in which they have made a sale or action that would result in being paid.  


 2.2 GENERAL.  

 Payment is only made to Affiliates approved by DS London and any money due will be paid in UK denominated sterling to an account nominated by the Affiliate via BACS.  Affiliates will receive payment for any action that is payable as set out by the payment terms.  Affiliate payments will only be made when funds are in place from the sale(s) of a DS product.  In the event of a system problem with our merchant site and you have not had warning about it, it will be up to the sole discretion of DS London after having discussed the matter with the Merchant as to what compensation if any is to be paid.  DS London will provide the Affiliate with a detailed report via email of what commission they are due 5 working days after the end of each calendar month. The Affiliate agrees to check their report to ensure that the commission shown is correct. DS London accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions and their consequential implications which are not notified to us in writing and received via email to our approved email address within 7 calendar days of the affiliate report being sent. DS London will use the date and time stamp provided on the sent email as proof of the affiliate report being sent and the 7 calendar days will start from this time point.  *DS London will in the Affiliate report include sales where monies have been deposited and paid, however the customer may return the item as they are legally allowed under their statutory rights for a full refund. In the event this happens DS London will highlight in the report payments that are still within the return period and as a result the amount payable to the affiliate may change and be reduced.   In the event of any Affiliate fraud, all transactions in


Complimentary items will be gifted to affiliates at the sole discretion of DS London.


DS London grants to You a revocable, non-transferable, royalty free, international sublicense to display and Link to the DS London’s Web site or Web site content, and all trademarks, service marks, trade names, and/or copyrighted material ("Content"), from each of Your Web Sites and/or subscription e-mail for the limited purposes of Promoting DS London are subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The foregoing rights are sub-licensable by You to Your Sub-Publishers only if authorised by an Advertiser on its Information page or by written permission. Your/Your Sub-Publisher's sub-license is conditioned upon You/Your Sub-Publishers'(as the case may be): (a) not otherwise copying nor modifying, in any way, any icons, buttons, banners, graphics files or Content that is made available to You through the Network Service pursuant to the such sublicense; and (b) not removing or altering any copyright or trademark notices. DS London reserves the right to terminate any Affiliate without notice if we suspect breaches of the sub-licence agreement, and may pursue legal action against the party or parties involved in the breach of contract.    






The Affiliate is solely responsible for his/her website and all its contents and shall ensure that they conform always to all applicable laws and regulations. If the Affiliate is based outside of the United Kingdom then they must also undertake to ensure their website is compliant with the laws of the United Kingdom. The Affiliate shall not use his/her links with any website/service that is not registered with or notified to DS London. Affiliates agree to comply and abide by any additional terms or restrictions added by DS London.  5.1. Website protection, malware, viruses and maintenance  The affiliate is solely responsible for maint



DS London owns all copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights, know-how or any other rights connected to the service or software necessary for the service. The Affiliate does not acquire any rights or licences whatsoever under this Agreement other than to use links to Linked Websites on the terms of this Agreement.    



The Affiliate consents to the publication of the Affiliate's name and web address etc on the DS London website and sending newsletters etc to the Affiliate's e-mail address and using the information given by the Affiliate for marketing purposes. The Affiliate confirms that to enable DS London to improve and/or to promote or market the service, DS London may produce statistics or summaries relating to the use of the service. DS London may contact the Affiliate by email, telephone or post for feedback relating to the service including any ways in which it might be improved.        



The Affiliate confirms to DS London that the Affiliate is not a private individual less than 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years old and would like to become an affiliate, you must get a parent or guardian to sign-up on your behalf.  



DS London shall not be liable for the legality of DS London’s service in countries other than the United Kingdom. The Affiliate is solely responsible for the legality of the use of the service if the Affiliate is registered to DS London’s service from a country other than the United Kingdom or if the Affiliate's website is on a server in a country other than the United Kingdom. This Agreement is subject to the laws of England and shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. If any dispute arises out of this Agreement the Parties will attempt to settle it by a mediation procedure as the parties may agree in writing.