Interview with Cian from Frenchies Fancies

We would like to introduce you to the beautiful Cian from the fashion and style blog Ffrenchie's Fancies.


We stumbled across her site whilst scrolling through Instagram (we are totally addicted to Instagram, don't judge us!), and whole-heartedly fell in love with her style and fresh take on blogging! Cian was kind enough to write a fabulous post about DS London a few week ago, and this made us want to get to know her a bit better. 

If you've not already read it, what are you waiting for! Head over to her blog and have a read now!



So Cian how did you get into blogging?


I started blogging because I saw it as a challenge. I have always been into fashion and all things beautiful, so when this whole blogging craze started I was all eyes and ears! I wanted to know how - how could I do this?? The only thing that stood in my way was myself. Since having my two children and seeing my body shape change so significantly I lost a lot of confidence, so the idea of doing something like this when I looked so different to all of the beautiful bloggers I was seeing was so so daunting. But, in life, I think it's important to challenge yourself hence why I took the risk, left myself open to criticism and started blogging. Am I glad I did it? Absolutely, because not only has it helped rebuild my confidence, it has also given me the opportunity to work with amazing brands such a DS London!




We absolutely love your style, how would you describe it?


I love, love, love tailoring! A sharp and strong silhouette has the ability to make any woman feel powerful. I can spend hours in Zara, H&M and Mango making mental wishlists! On a recent trip to Birmingham City Centre I discovered Cos and could not believe I hadn't discovered it sooner; the cuts and designs of their pieces are just everything! A little pricey but, hey, we all need investment pieces every now and again :)





After your post about our collection we are dying to know, which is your favourite item?


My favourite piece is the Opal in Tan. I'm a huge believer in "less is more", so I love the no frills style of the bag and how it has been paired with such a rich shade of tan. Without the bag being fussy, it still makes a bold statement.


Opal is such a great choice its one of our favourites too, what would you style it with?


With a bag like this, I'd be doing it an injustice if I didn't keep the outfit simple and let the bag speak for itself. I imagine it paired with a plain white over-sized shirt, black thigh-high boots, a dark grey tailored coat and minimal silver jewellery - maybe stack rings and a delicate silver necklace. With the bag being such a gorgeous shade of tan, a deep red lipstick would look fantastic with it!


Well there you have it a little insight into the world of a newbie blogger, we will most definitely be keeping our eye out for Cian's next post 


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J x